Why be original? Two new species of Choeradoplana resembling the type species of the genus in their external aspects (Platyhelminthes, Continenticola)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:G. Gouvêa Turralde, Leal-Zanchet A.
Pagination:1 - 19
Date Published:2019/01/07
ISBN Number:1313-29891313-2970

The genus Choeradoplana Graff, 1896 encompasses 16 species, most of them found in Brazil. Herein two new species of this genus are described from remnants of Araucaria moist forests, located in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, south Brazil. Both species resemble the type-species of the genus, C.iheringi, showing brownish dorsal surface covered by dark-brown flecks. However, regarding their anatomy, the new species differ from C.iheringi and other congeners by a long and horizontal disposed permanent papilla. In such aspects, both species resemble C.benyai, but differ from this species, as well as from each other, in details of the prostatic vesicle, ejaculatory duct, and penis papilla.

Short Title:Zookeys
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